Pictured below is a brand new water pump and a very used and worn water pump. You might notice on the used one in the second picture there are no fins left on the fan as there are in the new one pictured. What might cause this you ask? Not getting the coolant flushed. Numerous components of the cooling system can be damaged if not taken care of properly. Some of the more costly repairs could be a blown head gasket, a leaking intake manifold gasket, a heater core, a radiator, or the water pump.

Flushing the coolant in your vehicle can be labeled as regularly scheduled maintenance. Each vehicle has its own recommended schedule (found in the owners manual) and depending on the climate in your area; it may be recommended to do it more often if you experience extreme weather conditions. So why do we need to flush the coolant or anti freeze? The engine of your vehicle gets EXTREMELY hot and the coolant runs through a series of parts in the cooling system to keep it cool. The coolant breaks down over time and puts more stress on these parts it runs through (radiator, water pump, ect.) Gunk and mineral deposits begin to build up and reduces the vehicles performance and potentially clogging crucial parts in the cooling system. Components in the modern engine are made up of several different types of metal all of which corrode at different rates, special care must be taken to prevent the build up of rust and other materials caused by this wear; which is another job of the coolant. Coolant also works to lubricate all the components of the cooling system keeping them in good working order and lasting longer. Don’t let expensive repairs happen to you, do the regular scheduled maintenance that your vehicle requires.

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