You may have noticed the mass amount of vehicle recalls. This can be concerning and staying on top of it is a wise idea; I will tell you how below.

Most recently GM has recalled 3.4 million cars to fix ignition switches that could let the key slip into the off position. It is possible that a heavy key chain or a large road bump can cause this to happen, but it is recalled to be fixed before it does happens; (I advise in any case that your key chain not be too heavy). If the key does slip into the off position it can be dangerous leaving airbags, power steering, and power brakes inoperable, so if your vehicle is affected please take action as soon as possible. This recall affects the models listed below:

  • 2005-2009 Buick Lacrosse
  • 2006-2014 Chevy Impala (previous-generation)
  • 2000–2005 Cadillac Deville
  • 2004–2011 Cadillac DTS
  • 2006–2011 Buick Lucerne
  • 2004–2005 Buick Regal
  • 2006–2008 Chevy Monte Carlo

When you own a vehicle affected by a recall you will receive a letter in the mail that tells you how to go about getting it repaired. Unfortunately, we cannot fix recall issues here at Superior and the vehicle must be brought to the dealership. If you had a repair done already that now has a recall we can help you get a copy of the invoice (if repairs were done here) so that you can get a refund. Yes, they are required to refund you for those repairs if they failed before the recall was enforced.

For more information on recalls go to This is a Government Site Powered by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). You can look up a specific vehicle to see if there are any recalls or you can sign up to have notifications sent to you per your vehicle type. There are also areas to look at recalls on other products such as: car seats, tires, equipment, and more.

The amount of recalls and the severity of some of these recalls can be alarming. Look back at the Sudden Acceleration recall in 2009-10 by Toyota. This recall affected more than 15 million vehicles worldwide because of acceleration in vehicles for no reason resulting in 89 deaths. There are two types of recalls: uninfluenced and influenced. Uninfluenced recalls are initiated by the auto maker, if a defect is found by the auto maker and not reported within 5 days they face hefty fines. This is NHTSA’s way of encouraging good corporate conduct. Influenced recalls are based on consumer complaints, which the NHTSA receives over 40,000 each year. They then investigate the auto makers and the issues. Visit for more information on how to make a complaint if you believe there is an issue with your vehicle.

In an article by Russ Rader states “Even though recalls may be up, vehicles have never been safer”

When you think about it, with the amount of vehicles on the road and how far technology has come I believe this statement to be true. As always if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help!