The transmission in your vehicle creates speed variations in the torque which is created by the engine, without out it the vehicle would have just one speed. The transmission uses a fluid called “transmission fluid” which helps all of the moving components slide with ease and keeps an adequate temperature in the system. Every vehicle’s manufacturer has a specific maintenance schedule including when to change your transmission fluid; although driving habits may change that schedule. Hard use such as stop and go driving (traffic), hauling heavy loads, trailer pulling, and the cold weather deteriorate this fluid more quickly than the typical to and from driving. It is a good idea to have this fluid checked and not just go by recommended mileage when determining when to flush this fluid. Transmission fluid is typically a nice red color as seen in the picture above. Old fluid becomes brown and may have a burnt odor to it or worse; debris in it (this can cause damage to the components in the transmission). There are additives in the transmission fluid to keep the temperatures running through the system where it needs to be (not too hot: not too cold) and to lubricate the components; enabling them slide with ease . Over time and use these additives break down and the fluid is unable to do it’s job properly. This is why it is recommended to flush the transmission fluid in your vehicle. Next, a discount for you.