The Heat is Here!

We have learned the luxury of having air conditioning (a/c) in our homes and cars, but what do we do when they stop working? Call in the experts…

First the a/c system in your vehicle consists of; a condenser, compressor, evaporator, a/c lines, and some sensors. There is also the refrigerant (a gas; what used to be Freon). Often times when the a/c stops blowing nice cold air it’s a simple recharge, as the system is used over years this gas becomes low. If this isn’t the problem you can see below for a guide to what our Technicians start with when a customer comes in with an a/c issue. It isn’t always cut and dry and if one component is faulty numerous tests might be done to find it. Stay cool this summer if your a/c isn’t working up to par and use the coupons included with this email!

Did you know summer heat can affect your cars battery and tires?

Regular maintenance checks can save you from a break down during this summer heat. Some common issues include under inflated tires; this can cause excessive flex in the side wall of the tire, the hot pavement and under inflated tire are not  good mix, a dead battery; the heat can evaporate the fluid in a battery damaging the internal structure; and low coolant; this can be caused by many things and can be a very costly fix if not addressed immediately. These are just some of the concerns for your vehicles caused by the summer heat. Remember we can help you with any of your concerns and we do a general inspection with every oil change.