October is fall car care month, it’s time to prepare your vehicle for the coming winter because nobody wants to break down, especially in the winter. Of the many components that can go wrong on a car there are preventative measures that can be taken to stay ahead of the game. That’s why each manufacturer creates a schedule of maintenance, this can be found in your owners manual (usually in the glove box) or like anything else these days, it can be found online.

As you see in the picture above the color of coolant should be a nice bright yellow/green or a clean red (not pictured). Over time as the coolant runs through the engine it breaks down and leaves dirt, debris, and rust in the system. There are important additives in coolant that keep your engine at optimal running temperatures in the extreme heat and cold. These additives also lubricate moving components preventing premature wear and tear. Think of going down a water slide… when it’s dry.

Why flush coolant?

Remove rust and deposits from cooling system
System is updated with new anti-freeze/coolant to properly lubricate moving components and keep engine at correct running temperature
Corrosion inhibitors with new fluid
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