It’s going to be a warm one and with this weather your vehicle is more prone to overheat. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge and be aware; continuing to drive a vehicle while it’s too hot can do internal damage to the engine.

If you notice the temperature gauge going up you can do a few things to keep your car from getting too hot to drive.

– Turn off the air conditioning and roll down the windows

– If it continues turn on the heater and blower

– If in traffic and it continues shift into neutral and rev the engine a little bit; this makes the water pump and fan speed up thus helping cool the engine

– Try not to ride the brakes , just coast along.

If it becomes too hot pull over and open the hood; DO NOT open the radiator cap or coolant reservoir!

Possible reasons for overheating can include a thermostat, coolant that has lost it’s viscosity (coolant flushes are recommended at service intervals), coolant leak, radiator failure, fan belt, among other things.

Remember the best way to prevent something like this from happening is have your vehicle inspected regularly. At Superior service Center with every oil change we inspect your vehicle for wear and tear and keep you informed on the scheduled maintenance that is recommended on your specific vehicle. Schedule today at