It takes a lot of analyzing present and future costs when deciding whether to ditch your car or buy a new one. We broke it down a little for the repair side in our previous blog, and now we’ll be discussing the side of buying a new car.

Overall, it’s a rule of thumb that if repairs cost at least half the price of a new car, you should very seriously consider replacing. This counts for both a yearly estimate and one-time repair, and you should also take these points into consideration:

  • Selling your car now while it’s still worth something could be your down payment on a new car.
  • You’ll may save money long-term by buying a car with better gas mileage.
  • A new car doesn’t have as high a risk of stranding you on the side of the road or requiring so much time at the service center.

Overall, we recommend getting an estimate for your repairs/maintenance and comparing it to what you would be willing to spend on a new/used car. Other than the cost analysis, you should also ask yourself if you feel safe driving the car. We care about our customers, and if you’re worried about your safety, we can help break down your car’s current state. We wish you luck in your decision, and encourage you to stop by for an appointment if your car needs maintenance.