Now that we’ve officially hit spring, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your car for warmer weather. Up in the North, we’ve got time to plan since we most likely won’t see the actual end of winter for another month, which makes this the perfect time to set an appointment with your local auto service center. Some of them might be have a tune-up special, but you should still make sure these key services are covered:

Wiper blades. Clearing away the snow and ice from your windshield takes a lot out of your windshield wiper blades, and it may be time for a replacement. If they’re smearing or leaving untouched patches, then you should request new wiper blades.

Car battery. Record-low temperatures could have caused some issues with your battery this winter, so have it tested to make sure you can get through the rest of the year.

Oil change. When’s the last time you had your oil changed? Might as well see if your oil needs a change as well.

Fluids check. Check that basic fluids like wiper fluid, coolant, transmission, and brake fluid are adequately filled.

Air conditioning: Did you spend the winter freezing on your commute? Let your technicians know so they can see if the fluids were low or if there’s a more pressing issue. You’ll want your AC working when those hot summer days begin!

You’ll feel a lot better driving this spring and summer if you’ve had a check-up, and you can even do some preparation yourself. For instance, you could get your car cleaned both inside and outside. Make sure the undercarriage of the car is cleaned to wash away the salt from the roads, and there’s probably some salt sticking to your mats or carpet as well from boots tracking it in. Give us a call to get your spring car maintenance checklist going!