There are a lot of fluids working in your vehicle to keep it running, lubricated, and at an ideal temperature. While some will last longer than others, almost all automotive fluids will deteriorate over time and can often become compromised by debris making its way into the fluid chambers. We’re going to go over two very important parts of the vehicle that need functioning fluid at all times: brakes and transmission.

While brake and transmission fluids don’t require as much maintenance, changing, or flushing as oil changes do, they still need to be routinely checked. Some warning signs that you might need more or a change of these fluids include:


  • You have not had your brake fluids changed or flushed in two years.
  • There is a grinding sound when you use the brakes.
  • It has become a lot harder to press down on the brake petal.
  • You smell something burning when using the brakes.


  • It has been more than 50,000 miles since your last transmission fluid change.
  • There is a grinding sound when you switch gears.
  • It has become harder to switch gears.

The time in between changes will vary by manufacturer and vehicle, so it’s important to check your owner’s manual for that information. If you’re still not sure, visit one of our local auto service centers. They can check on the state of your brake and transmission fluid and replace them if needed. Waiting too long to change these fluids will result in wear and tear on your vehicle, and it could cause costly damage long-term. Need to make an appointment? Click here to schedule at Eagan or Apple Valley.