It just sort of happens—one day your steering wheel is fine, and the next day you notice it’s vibrating at certain times. A normal operating vehicle shouldn’t have issues like vibrating or shaking, so you should always see a professional if you notice it happening. To help the mechanics diagnose the problem, the driver can pay attention to when the vibrating begins. A vibrating or shaking steering wheel is usually the symptom of a larger problem, and we’ve listed some common ones to look out for:

Unbalanced tires

If the shaking starts at around 50 to 55 miles per hour, then unbalanced tires may be the cause. When tires are replaced, they’re placed on a rim that must be balanced to ensure weight has been evenly distributed for optimal driving. The technician has to match all the areas of the rim, and sometimes counter weights might be added to ensure a balance. Those counter weights can move or other issues arise that put your tires out of balance and cause the steering wheel to shake.


If you notice shaking in your steering wheel and your car pulling in the wrong direction without your touch, then misaligned tires could be the culprit. This is a common issue that happens especially if someone drives over a lot of pot holes, curbs, railroad tracks, or speed bumps. The tires will misalign after that kind of activity, and it will show in the uneven tread of your tires and sometimes a shaking steering wheel.

Brake rotors

If the shaking starts when you’re braking, then the issue might be with your brake rotors. Most cars use a disc brake system where the brake rotor is attached directly to the wheel. A lot of the time, you might also feel a vibration in your brake pedal. The brake rotors can become warped over time due to frequent braking or sudden stop, which starts to take a toll on the disc braking system. Whenever brakes are involved in a car issue, it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible to ensure your safety.

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