Out of all the maintenance that vehicles require, the oil change often gets overlooked even though it’s a quick service and all important to the long-term health of your car. A lot of the time, it’s due to a lack of understanding about how oil can degenerate over time—it’s not just the issue of waiting until the oil runs out, which takes much longer. Drivers often prefer to push their luck with oil changes because they don’t realize the long-term effects it can take on your car.

Before pushing the time between oil changes to the max, it’s important to remember these points:

  • Oil is the lifeblood of the engine and keeps it moving smoothly. Without uncompromised oil, your car would not work.
  • Oil helps keep the engine components cool, which is especially important in the summer heat.
  • Oil helps keep the engine clean. Particles and debris get into your oil over time, thickening it and causing more build-up. It can cause corrosion, more wear and tear, and decrease the life of your engine. This also happens before you would run out of oil.
  • Regular oil changes help the fuel consumption keep on track. Prolonging the time between changes increases the chances of increased fuel consumption in the future.

Additionally, the type of oil you use will change how many changes the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. Your owner’s manual will often list this information, so you can check there if you’re not sure it’s the right time to get this service. Typically, the average driver should be getting their oil changed around 5,000 miles, but the use of high-grade synthetic oils could increase it to 8,000. Overall, however, keeping it consistent will ensure your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, which aids your car’s longevity.

To decide the best course of action for your vehicle, talk to your regular auto service shop. Make it a goal to schedule regular oil changes to give your vehicle the best chance at lasting longer. It’s a hindrance to many drivers, but luckily, it’s one of the easiest services you can get. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, Superior Service can take care of changing your oil efficiently and at an affordable rate so you can keep your car driving smoothly.