When there’s something wrong with your vehicle, there are a lot of different ways that symptoms can appear. Sometimes it’s the sounds it makes, the vibrations it causes, or the smells that occur. However, don’t mistake it for the kind of smell that happens when you pass a pungent area. When an odor is caused by something in the vehicle, it usually persists when driving. To help diagnose the smells you might be encountering and their causes, we’ve put together a list of common issues.

If the odors smells like…

Syrup it could mean there’s a leak in your cooling system. Antifreeze has a very distinct sweet scent, so it should be noticeable to anyone in the vehicle.

Rotten Eggs it could be a sign that your catalytic converter is overheating or gone bad. It will need to be replaced, so be sure to get it checked out promptly.

Burning Rubber there could be damaged or bad hoses and belts in your engine. When they need replaced or to be repositioned, that smell might result.

Burning Carpet it could be a warning that you’ve left the handbrake on or your brake’s pads are overheating. Be sure to get it checked out in case it is an issue with the brakes.

Mold there might be some mold or mildew growing in your vehicle’s AC. Try to dry it out by turning off the air and putting the fan on high.

Gasoline then there could be a leak or clog in your gas tank. First, make sure the smell continues even after the engine is heated up and that your gas cap is firmly secure. If the smell persists, then it will need to be checked out right away—fires can start if the gas is ignited.

Burnt Toast it could be a symptom of a short circuit in the electrical system. Take this smell seriously—overheated or damaged electrical components can start a vehicle fire.

If you have been encountering any of these smells while driving, you should bring your car in to a service shop for a check-up. Superior Service Center serves the Southern suburbs of the Twin Cities and can help with any maintenance or repair needs.