When your vehicle cabin turns into an ice box in the winter, or you can’t get your windows to defrost, it’s not just an issue with the heating. Believe it or not, you’ll also have to get your A/C system checked out. The way a vehicle’s heating works is that the engine uses the coolant system to reach the operating temperature, which requires cooling down in the summer and heating it up in the winter. Once that coolant fluid is brought to the heater core and warmed up, it can be used to heat your cabin. It’s all passed through the system until the warm air is pushed out through the cabin filter and into where the passengers are, and the A/C uses it to also defrost the windows. So even though you may think coolant is only for cold air, and the A/C is just for summer, it’s actually an important part of your air system year-round.

There are many reasons why the heating in your car could stop working:

  • The cooling fan has been somehow blocked or isn’t working properly.
  • The thermostat is broken and not allowing the engine to heat up properly.
  • The anti-freeze/water level has become too low due to lack of maintenance or a leak in the cooling system.
  • The condenser is damaged from road debris getting into the grill of your car.


You should also look out for other signs your heating may be having issues like a sweet-smelling odor, your car overheating too quickly, or it looks like a fog has taken over the cabin. Because of how the heating system works, it can be difficult for those unaware of how it the system processes to find the cause. By watching out for some of those symptoms, it makes it easier to pinpoint the issue.

However, it’s always important to bring your car in to professionals who know all the right places to look and how to test if each part of the system is working correctly. Set up an appointment with the experts at Superior Service Center so you can drive in toasty comfort this winter.