A big part of maintaining your car is also observing any changes in how your vehicle is operating day-to-day. Is there a new smell? New sound? Or new vibration? These little clues can help your mechanic figure out the issue with your car so they can put together a solution. If you’re hearing any of these sounds, then it may be time to stop by your local, trusted auto repair shop.

Grinding or screeching when you brake. In general, any kind of new sound that occurs when you’re braking should be taken seriously. Brakes are one of your most important safety measures when driving, and unusual sounds are one of the first signs of an issue. That grinding or screeching could mean that your car needs new brake pads or a different part of the brake system needs replacing.

Rattling or sputtering from beneath the vehicle. This sound could mean that your exhaust needs to be refitted or replaced due to wear and tear, or there’s a leak in the system causing trouble. A leak could eventually lead to exhaust fumes going into the cabin, so it’s important to get it checked out.

Knocking or clicking coming from under the hood. Similar to the brakes, any unusual sounds coming from the engine should be checked out promptly. The fix could be a simple low oil level, which means you need an oil change, or it could require an oil pump replacement. Other issues could involve the combustion, bad starter, or the valvetrain.

Screeching or roaring when accelerating. High-pitched noises like the screeching could be an indicator of a bad drive belt, and a low roaring sound may a result of an issue with your exhaust or transmission. You should also keep track of any noises happening that may get louder, which means your car is working harder to accelerate and likely means more wear and tear.

Squealing or creaking noises when turning. Noises that happen when you’re turning usually warn of a problem with the steering or suspension. Also note if it’s become harder to turn or keep the wheel straight.

Superior Service Center has the skills and expertise to diagnose the sounds you’re hearing and get you back on the road quickly. Give us a call or schedule an appointment if you’re dealing with any of these irregular vehicle noises.