It can be hard to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle if you don’t have the proper expertise, but luckily there’s a cheat sheet on your dash to help you figure it out. So what does it all mean? In general, there’s a color-coded system to let you know how severe the need for repair or maintenance is.

Red = requires immediate attention

Orange/yellow = an advisory issue, but does not need to be taken care of immediately

Green/blue/white = not a warning as much of an informative sign or confirmation of a function working

Additionally, to make it easier on drivers, most manufacturers now use the same symbols on the dash. You should always reference your owner’s manual first to make sure it’s correct. Here are some very important ones to look out for:

Oil Pressure Warning

Your engine is running low on oil or there’s a malfunction that needs to be look at immediately. An engine’s oil keeps your car running smoothly, so you should listen if this lights up.

Battery Warning

Your vehicle’s charging system is malfunctioning or your battery is running low on power. Be cautious since your car could stall, but try to get to a mechanic shop as soon as possible.

Engine Temperature Warning

Your engine is overheating, and you should pull over and turn off your vehicle immediately. Give it a chance to cool off before starting again, or call a mechanic to help them tow your car to their shop.

Tire Pressure Warning

The pressure in one or more of your tires is low. This does not need immediate attention, but you should still try to fill your tire as soon as possible. Low tire pressure affects your mileage and wears down the tire unevenly.

Fuel Indicator Warning

Typically, this light comes on when you still have a decent amount of mileage left to reach a gas station. Check your dash’s mileage count to see if it gives you an exact number of how many miles you have left; then, make your way to a gas station as soon as possible.

Washer Fluid Indicator

Washer fluid is important for making sure your windshield stays clear in case of any debris flying back. If you can’t see out of your windshield, then you’re at risk of a car collision.

Make sure to be aware of any new lights that come on your dash and take care of them when appropriate. Superior Service Center can help with any auto repair needs that may arise.