As winter ends and we look forward to spring in the Midwest, people will have the urge to clean and update their homes after being cooped up in them for months long. But don’t forget—your vehicle deserves some care and attention too! Maintenance is an important part of car ownership; especially when the seasons change and bring a whole new set of challenges. Here’s a few things to have your local service center check at your spring maintenance appointment

Fluids. Temperature fluctuations can affect the state of liquid in your vehicle, so have them checked to make sure they’re all adequately filled.

Battery. Winter is tough on your car’s battery since the low temperatures slow down its chemical reactions, which means it has to work harder. Make sure it’s good to go for the new season.

Engine oil and filter. When was the last time you got your oil changed or filter replaced? Sometimes it’s hard to get out and do all those errands during the winter, so if you’ve been putting it off it’s time to finally get that sorted out.

Tire pressure and tread. Fluctuating temperatures can take a toll on your tire’s pressure and, in turn, your tire’s tread. Neglecting your tire pressure for winter because it expands/contracts too often could have caused uneven tread wear and lower mileage.

Braking system. It never hurts to get your brakes checked out to make sure everything is in working order: all the linings, rotors, drums, etc. Especially as road damage like potholes start to appear and can compromise your vehicle’s undercarriage if the road is too rough.

Air conditioning. Nobody wants to be stuck in a hot, suffocating car in the summer. It can also cause your car to overheat and be dangerous for any occupants.

Air filter. You’ll want a clean air filter as you blast your A/C this summer, which also helps reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Alignment. Those rough roads can also affect your alignment if you hit a pothole too hard or continuously. If you have to fight your wheel to keep the car straight or you notice the wheel turns without prompt, then you should bring it in anyway to be realigned.

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