When was the last time your air filter was replaced? In general, it’s recommended that you change your vehicle’s air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 for best results, but a lot of drivers choose to delay their replacement. When drivers follow the recommended guidelines, they are rewarded with these 3 benefits:

Better fuel efficiency

Depending on your make and model, replacing a dirty air filter could increase your fuel efficiency and acceleration. If you’ve noticed your car has been slower to accelerate at stops, then that might be a sign that your air filter should be replaced. Additionally, an engine needs adequate air flow to work properly. If the air filter isn’t allowing proper circulation due to dirt and debris, then you might notice a decrease in gas mileage.

Extended engine life

As mentioned before, the air filter has an important task in the engine’s daily routine: allowing proper air flow. The filter has been designed to trap any dirt and debris from outside air that could get into the engine and cause damage to parts. Even a small amount of salt or dirt could negatively affect the cylinders or pistons and cause advanced wear and tear that will be much more expensive to replace than your air filter.

Reduced emissions

If your air filter has gotten to a point where its compromised state starts to block regular air flow to the engine, then that also starts to affect your car’s air-fuel balance and emission control system. In response, your engine’s spark plugs could be polluted, which causes the engine to miss or idle. If your car has been slow to start, it could be because of the air filter.

Luckily, while the issues that result from a dirty air filter could cost you much more, replacing the actual air filter is an easy and inexpensive maintenance task. If you’ve been having some of the issues mentioned above, then it’s probably time to stop by a service center for a check-up. There are many types of air filters on the market, and it’s important to install the correct one for your vehicle.

Even if you are not having these issues yet but your air filter hasn’t been changed in a while, you should request that it be checked during a routine appointment. In most cases, it’s already standard procedure for the technicians. Schedule and appointment at Superior Service Center in Apple Valley or Eagan, MN for expert vehicle service.