Are you ready for April showers? As the seasons change, there are a couple maintenance tasks to take care of for your vehicle. One of the necessary tasks for spring: windshield wiper inspection. Some drivers choose not to stay on top of their windshield wiper maintenance, and that only leads to dangerous driving conditions. Windshield wipers are necessary to having adequate vision when it is raining, snowing, or mud flies back on your windshield, and an old wiper could result in an accident if it does not successfully clear off the glass.

When do you know it’s time for a replacement? Watch for these signs:

Damaged rubber. Take a closer look at the rubber on your windshield wipers. Is it cracked, broken off in places, or worn down? Those damages, even small, can cause streaks or missed sections when it’s sweeping your windshield, which affects your ability to safely see the road. Also, you can tell when the rubber is worn down if the edges are rounded instead of squared.

Skipping. When using your wipers, do they move smoothly across the windshield or skip across it? You might also notice it makes a “chattering” kind of sound as it drags unevenly across the glass. This can occur for many reasons such as a lack of use compromising the ideal curvature.

Leaving streaks. It’s pretty obvious when you’re using your windshield wipers whether or not it properly wipes the whole glass. If you’re seeing missed areas, which puts you in danger if your visibility is not adequate, then it’s best to replace the wipers for your safety.

Bent frame. Sometimes chipping away at the ice or snow on your wipers can cause damage on the frame of your wipers. Even lifting them off the glass too roughly could compromise the blades, so it’s always best to be careful when moving or cleaning them.

To maintain a safe driving standard, you should not ignore even the small maintenance tasks. A bad windshield wiper could be the cause of an accident if you fail to have clear vision out of your windshield. Luckily, it’s a quick and inexpensive fix, and you can even be more prepared with wipers designed for the different seasons.

When you’re in for your new service appointment, ask our technicians at Superior Service Center to check or replace your windshield wipers. We want you to be save on the roads, so we have two locations in Apple Valley and Eagan, MN to expertly serve the Southern Twin Cities metro.