Lists are a great way to keep track of things when you’re packing for a trip. Our summer road trip “to-do” list of suggestions is below. Check it out. We have a list of things to pack, as well as a list of things to do to get your car in tip-top shape for the big trip!

Things to Pack

  • Phone and accessories. Use your phone for directions, games, music, and to call someone in case of an accident or emergency. Remember to bring a charger that works in the car, so you’re always prepared in the event of an emergency.
  • Blanket. Bring a blanket to keep you warm and snugly for your in-car naps. It can also come in handy if your car breaks down to keep you warm while waiting for help.
  • Snacks and water. Having nonperishable snacks and plenty of water will help keep hunger at bay on your long drive and come in handy in the case of a flat tire or dead battery.
  • First aid kit. Having a first aid kit with band aids, alcohol pads, gauze, and cotton pads will help if any outdoor excursions go array.
  • Documents. Carry your driver’s license and proof of insurance on you at all times. You never know when or where you can get pulled over or in a fender bender.
  • Car jack. Make sure you have a car jack in your trunk for if and when you need to replace a tire while on the road.
  • Pressure gauge. Pack a pressure gauge in your glove box so you can check on your tires’ air pressure before and after the trip.
  • Jumper cables. Pack a set of jumper cables in case you or a fellow traveler need some help.

Tune-up Checklist

  • Car fluids. Get all of your car’s fluids replaced and topped up, such as your wiper fluid, brake fluid, and coolant.
  • Brake pads. Check out your brake pads even if you don’t think you need to. If the pads are worn out the mechanic can replace them, and if they aren’t you can hit the road knowing your car will be safe.
  • Spare tire. Be aware. Not all cars come standard with a spare tire these days. Be sure to check yours and if you don’t have one, pack one.
  • Car battery. If it has been a while since your battery was replaced, get it tested to make sure it won’t die while you are on vacation. Batteries can go bad in the summer too.
  • Tire Pressure. Fill your tires to the correct PSI so there is less damage to your car and better mileage during your trip. Most gas stations will have an air pump station.
  • Oil change. Change your oil before a long drive. Oil gets debris and dirt in it, which can then get into your engine and potentially cause damage.
  • Tire rotation. When bringing your car in for the oil check, also ask them to rotate the tires. This typically means that the front and back tires are switched. Changing the position of the tires helps them wear better over time.

Now that you have everything and your car is in tip-top shape, you are ready to go! Don’t know where to get your tune-up? Superior Service Center can help. Schedule your appointment today.