Have you ever noticed that sometimes a full tank doesn’t seem to get you as far? There are many reasons why your mileage can fluctuate; sometimes it’s due to a mechanical failure, and other times it’s just a result of driving style. Here are some of the many ways your gas mileage can be negatively impacted:

Frequent heavy braking or acceleration.

Often associated with aggressive driving tactics, braking or accelerating a lot forces your car to switch gears more often, which negatively affects your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Driving around with high vehicle weight.

Keeping heavy objects in your car or towing extra cargo means your engine has to work harder to accelerate down the road. Because of that, the engine will use more fuel to keep going, so you’ll most likely have to fill up more often.

Excessive short trips.

Giving your vehicle the time to warm up (no matter the weather) the engine and other important parts helps it run at its most effective performance. If you’re taking a lot of short trips, you may not be giving it enough time to mobilize its key systems.

Cold weather travel.

Just like the previous reason, cars need time to warm up their mechanical systems, and cold weather makes that even harder. However, letting your car idle will only waste fuel. It’s better to let the car warm up by driving at a steady, slower pace for a couple minutes before switching to higher speed roads.


Similar to the accelerating reason, a driver who speeds can negatively impact their fuel economy. When cars drive over 80 MPH, they create higher wind resistance, so the car has to push the engine harder to move forward.

Tire issues.

A worn down, deflated tire will affect the natural motion of your vehicle and cause more strain on it overall. This is why tire maintenance is so important: regularly check your tire pressure, tire tread, and tire alignment.

Lack of maintenance.

When your vehicle doesn’t run as efficiently as it could due to routine maintenance, then it has to work harder overall. This negatively impacts your car’s overall performance, which includes gas usage.

If your gas mileage continues to decrease or it has a sudden decrease, then you should bring it in for a check-up. Superior Service Center has been expertly serving the Southern Twin Cities suburbs since 1982, and we can expertly diagnose any car issues.