In general, the mileage of your car is a good way to judge when you should be getting maintenance done unless you do not use your car in a typical way (such as a lot of stop and go short drives or long periods of time go in-between use). Routine maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your vehicle and save money in the long run, so you should talk to your mechanic or reference the owner’s manual to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Here are the most common service intervals to keep your car running.

Every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.

(These are a lot of smaller maintenance tasks that you can handle at home.)

• Check your fluid levels and top off any that are running low.
• Check your tire pressure to ensure it’s at peak performance and the tire tread to ensure you have proper traction.
• If your windshield wipers have ben leaving streaks or skipping, replace them.
• Depending on the type of oil your vehicle uses, you can go longer between oil changes than the common every 3,000-mile rule. This would be true if you are using synthetic oil in your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with your service center to get the oil and oil filter changed.

Every 15,000 miles.

• Inspect and replace your air filter.
• Bring your car in for a brake inspection. Brake pads, depending on use, might need to be replaced.

Every 30,000 miles.

• Once your car reaches the 30,000 miles milestone, this is typically when it begins to need more overall maintenance.
• Get all belts and hoses inspected to see if they’re getting the usual wear and tear or if there’s a need for replacement sooner than normal.
• Get the air conditioning system tested to ensure it’s working efficiently.
• Get the coolant inspected to see if it needs to be flushed.
• Get your battery tested and replaced if needed.
• Get the brakes system completely checked out.
• Get the transmission system checked out.

Every 60,000 miles.

• Go through the 30,000 miles process again.

Staying on top of routine maintenance will only help your vehicle and wallet in the long run. Luckily, we make it easy to get an appointment set up with our online scheduling here. Superior Service Center is here to handle all of your vehicle repair needs!