It’s one of the most important and overlooked parts of owning a car: the oil change. A lot of drivers think they can put it off without consequences, but then unfortunately learn that it caused costly wear and tear that could have been avoided. To help see why oil changes are so important, here’s some of the top reasons why you should be getting them routinely:

Discourages wear and tear. When your engine has enough lubrication to move all of its parts properly, there’s a lower chance of them grinding against each other and causing damage. All those pistons, valves, and parts are moving at the high speeds to work properly, and they can easily heat up and wear down components so that your engine performance starts to suffer.

Cools the engine components down. As mentioned above, engine parts are moving at high speeds and can cause too much friction if there’s not enough lubrication. Along with long-tern damage, it can cause the engine to overheat, which can be dangerous if you continue to drive without stopping for an inspection.

Keeps your engine cleaner. Dirt or other contaminants getting into your engine can have long-term consequences as they can potentially cause corrosion. Luckily, the oil also works as a cleaner and will remove that dirt and sludge from important parts of the engine. However, that also means your oil will become less pristine as this goes on, and your engine might not work as well, which is why it should be changed out for new oil.

Helps your gas mileage long-term. The friction that can occur due to old or lacking oil also makes your engine work harder and develop a higher fuel consumption, which costs you more gas money in the long run.

Your vehicle gets inspected regularly. It can be hard to make time for an inspection, so routine oil changes are a great way to let your mechanic know if you’ve been having any other issues they should take a look at.

Extend the life of your engine. As all these benefits add up and you avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle’s engine, drivers will also enjoy a higher chance of the engine lasting longer. This means less costly and reoccurring repairs. Whether you intend to keep your vehicle for as long as it will run or sell it after a couple of years, this benefits your wallet in the long run.

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