While modern vehicles typically hold up under winter conditions pretty well, there are some components that will not do as well during extreme temperature swings. To help you understand how your car may have fared last season, here are a few ways it could have been compromised.

Slowing Your Battery

If you have a battery that’s a couple years old, then you might have noticed it took a little longer for your car to start on those subzero days. Cold temperatures slow down the reaction speed, and their performance will drastically decline if there was already some damage happening before like corrosion. It might need replacement this spring or summer to ensure you’re not dealing with a dead batter next winter.

Thickening Car Fluids

While most modern cars don’t need as long to warm up as they used to, fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and washer fluid will thicken due to the low temperatures. Letting your car warm up for a minute and then driving at slower, steady speed for a couple more minutes will help them properly warm up so they can work correctly. Forcing your car to reach high speeds too quickly could cause accelerated wear and tear if the fluids are too thick to work efficiently at first.

Causing Uneven Wear on Your Tires

If the temperature in your area drastically changed often, then you might have struggled to keep up with tire pressure needs. For every temperature drop of 10 degrees F, tire pressure drops by one pound. When that pressure keeps changing, then it also changes how your tires are touching the ground as you drive, potentially causing uneven wear that shortens the tire’s lifespan.

Less Elastic Hoses and Belts

While the majority of your car is made of metal, the belts and hoses are typically a rubber material that will be more affected by winter. The freezing temperatures will cause the material to lose its durability as it hardens, which could increase the chance of damage. Even a small nick on a belt could result in huge issues as it continues to be put under the usual pressure and strain of your car’s moving system.

If you suspect your vehicle sustained damage this winter due to the extreme temperatures we experienced this winter, schedule an appointment with Superior Service Center. We have locations in Eagan, MN and Apple Valley, MN.