Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly and cost you less in repairs in the long run. So what are some common filters you should be keeping track of, and why are they important?

Engine Filter

The engine filter may seem like a small, easy-to-forget maintenance task, but it’s actually an essential part of the engine’s combustion process. Cars need oxygen to work, which means clean air that doesn’t contain dust, particles, or other debris. The filter prevents those contaminants from getting in, which helps your engine work better and also avoids debris damaging any parts.

If you let a dirty filter go for too long, you may begin to notice a decrease in fuel efficiency and slower acceleration. A clogged air filter will limit the air flow to the engine, which makes it work harder overall and use up more gas. Plus, it can mess with the car-fuel balance, which impacts the spark plugs. A more extreme case could result in the engine stalling or having a rough idle.

Replace these about once every year unless you’re frequently traveling through really dusty roads. If so, you might need to replace it more often.

Cabin Filter

Everybody wants to breathe clean air when they’re stuck in their car for long periods of time. The cabin air filter helps prevent dust, allergens, and other particles from getting into the interior of your car, which is especially important for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

If it’s not replaced routinely, you might notice more odors in your cabin or that your allergies don’t get better even away from outside allergens. Plus, when you’re trying to defog the windows, a clogged filter won’t let the air get through as quickly. This puts more of strain on the A/C and heating system, so a clean filter will also extend the life of that system.

Replace this filter once every year or more often if you’re sensitive to outside allergens. You can also buy carbon activated filters to help capture exhaust and odors.

Oil Filter

Over time, the engine oil can start to gather contaminants as it moves through your engine system. A filter helps remove that debris and purifies it so the engine can continue to work efficiently and prevents those particles from damaging it.

When the filter is old and not able to do its job well, then the oil can thicken and move slower. That starts to wear on the engine over time, so simply changing out that filter helps you get the most out of your oil changes.

In general, most manufacturers recommend replacing it every other oil change.

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