Life can get hectic, and it’s easy to forget all the various appointments you need throughout the year. When dealing with cars, which need routine maintenance to keep in peak condition, we hear all the time about how routine tasks are forgotten until something goes wrong. Instead of waiting for a big repair, here are some reasons why you should pay more attention to preventative maintenance.

Catch bigger issues early.

With all the different parts and operations of a vehicle’s mechanics, repair needs can happen at any time. Sometimes it’s a small fix, and sometimes it’s a big one that needs time and a lot of labor. Luckily, if you’re in the shop a couple times a year for routine tasks, it’s easier to catch those problems before you’re surprised with a broken car.

Retain the value of your car.

When you get behind on necessary maintenance, the value of your car starts to decrease. As the repair needs start piling up, it means there’s more money that needs to go into your car. If you, for example, decided to sell your car, then it would be up to either you or the new owner to take care of those costs. If you don’t pay for them yourself, then you’ll have to lower the price of your car to accommodate, and a damaged car is harder to sell.

Stay safe on the road.

Issues can happen when you least expect it—like a popped tire—but you can often avoid a huge surprise through routine appointments. When you take your car in for regular maintenance, there’s a better chance damage that could cause issues would be caught.

Save money long-term.

While it’s important to keep up with preventative maintenance, some tasks are more pressing than others. Oil changes, for example, are essential because the engine needs clean oil to lubricate the parts property. If they can’t operate at peak efficiency because the oil is too thick or dirty, then engine parts will start to wear down more quickly and could cause the engine to overheat. Replacing the engine or multiple parts is typically more expensive than the lifetime cost of oil changes.

Some examples of preventative maintenance include:

  • Inspecting and replacing serpentine belts
  • Checking and changing oil
  • Checking, repairing, and replacing battery connection components
  • Checking and replacing batteries
  • Checking and replacing cabin air filters
  • Checking and replacing your engine air filter
  • Checking and replacing spark plugs
  • Rotating your tires
  • Balancing your tires
  • Aligning the wheels

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