Similar to how freezing conditions can affect your car in certain ways, drivers should know how summer and high temperatures can affect it too. Let’s go over some of the most common areas impacted.


Fluctuation in temperature will always influence the air pressure of your tires, which makes the transition between seasons an important time to monitor them. Failing to check them routinely could result in uneven wear, which then shortens the life of the tire. Plus, tires that are under- or overinflated increase the chances of a blowout if you hit a pothole or debris.

Air conditioning

Once peak summer temperatures hit, your vehicle will be using its air conditioning system regularly. That means, overall, there will be more strain on the system to perform at high efficiency and quickly. If put under enough pressure, something could break down in the system or accelerate wear and tear on some parts. Plus, air conditioning does use gas, so avoid having it turned up for long periods of time.


Just like the cold can affect your battery, so can the heat. If corrosion has been occurring around the battery, the hot temperatures can accelerate the issue. Plus, at extreme high temps, the battery fluid can even start to evaporate quicker and put more of a toll on the system. The summer is already harder on your battery because of the strain it gets put under to run your vehicle, fans, and air conditioning.

Engine cooling system

During the summer heat, your vehicle’s cooling system needs to work overtime to keep the system balanced. There needs to be enough coolant to keep the necessary parts cooled, so it should be topped off regularly. It also needs to be changed routinely so that you avoid debris or contaminants in the liquid wearing down on the engine.

Belts and hoses

These parts are most likely made of rubber, and those start to deteriorate after going through harsh temperature changes. They expand and contract, which leads to more wear and tear on the parts. They should be inspected during routine check-ups to make sure there aren’t any cracks, warped areas, or other issues.

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