Experts are saying we’re in for a scorching summer, which means your vehicle’s air conditioning system will be working overtime to keep you cool. Even without that strain, certain parts of the AC naturally wear down over time, so it may just be time for some repairs. There are a couple big causes to consider if your air conditioning does stop working this summer:

The refrigerant is leaking.

A leak can happen for a lot of reasons and in different areas of the system. For example, it could be happening due to the rubber seals on hoses breaking down. If they start cracking or get enough wear and tear, the connection comes loose and can let out some of that fluid. With more minor damage, a sealant could be used, but other times the seals or hoses need to be replaced.

The fans are broken.

When the fans aren’t moving properly or have been damaged, the cool air cannot reach the cabin effectively. The fans have a dual purpose of helping the air cool down and pushing it into the cabin. When broken, not as much air will be coming out and it will be warmer. Debris from the road can get into the fans, which then causes damage. Typically, they will need to be replaced.

The compressor failed.

There are a couple reasons why an AC compressor could go bad. One of the most common issues is the clutch not working correctly because it’s damaged or defective. The compressor Is important because it pressurizes and cools the air with coolant as it moves through the system, so a symptom would be warm air coming through the vents.

There’s an electrical problem.

Electrical issues can occur in many ways: through a blown fuse, failed switches, frayed wires, or a control module problem. You might notice that the controls for the air conditioning don’t work anymore or that the whole digital system seems to be having issues. In those cases, it’s a matter of running digital diagnostics rather than mechanical.

If you’ve noticed any kind of change in your AC system, such as it doesn’t get cool or it’s not pushing out a lot of air, it’s important to bring your car in for an inspection. Driving in a hot car can be dangerous for all occupants. Superior Service Center has a location in Eagan and Apple Valley, so we can expertly serve the Southern Twin Cities.