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A Reliable Automotive AC Repair in St. Paul

Never suffer through extreme temperatures with a service from St. Paul Automotive. Whether you are in need of a car heater repair in St. Paul or regular maintenance for your system, we are here to help you. Our technicians are proud to be your source for a full automotive AC repair in St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding areas.

Complete Car Heater Repair in St. Paul

Here in Minnesota, the winters can be brutal for even those with thick skin. Without a working heater in your vehicle, these extreme temperatures can make the season downright miserable.

There are two kinds of heating systems that can exist in your vehicle. At St. Paul, we specialize in repairs for both of these systems. We work with the following methods of heat control water-valve heating system and air-blending heating systems:

Water-Valve Heating System: In a heater worked by a water valve, all the air goes through the matrix. The matrix temperature is controlled by regulating the amount of hot water going through it.

Air-Blending Heating System: In an air-blending heater, the matrix is at a constant temperature – warm air from it is mixed with cool air as temperature-controlled flaps open and close.

Quality Service for Your AC Repair

Don’t spend another summer suffering through the heat during your drive. Car AC systems have mechanisms that require love and attention to avoid drying out and cracking. You vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) system is divided into two sides, known as the high side and the low side.

High Side: The compressor, beginning at the high side, functions like a pump, moving refrigerant through the system.

Low Side: The expansion valve, which begins at the low side, restricts refrigerant flow, lowering the pressure and the temperature of the refrigerant. If either of these stops working, it will leave your vehicle without air conditioning.

Keeping You Comfortable All Year Long

At our shop, we specialize in heating & air conditioning repair and vehicle maintenance in St. Paul. It is our priority to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and safe in your vehicle. We work with members of the local community and out of state residents on not only maintaining their cars but also keeping them cool in the hot heat of the summer and warm in the cold winter.

Since 1980, our technicians have repaired and maintained systems in all types of cars and trucks. We are experts in auto repair, and our mechanics are prepared to diagnose climate control issues and are specially trained to repair car air conditioner and car heater systems. Stop in or call us today to schedule your free estimate.

Contact our mechanics to receive a price estimate for your automotive AC repair in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our team specializes in AC and car heater repair in St. Paul and surrounding areas.

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