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Car Battery Replacement MN

When the battery in your vehicle dies, there’s usually some buildup – some warning telling you that your vehicle is, with or without your leaving the lights on all night, going to stop working. Then again, sometimes you just don’t see a dead battery coming. It could be a cold Minnesota winter morning, feet of snow covering the ground, when you go out to your car before work and find that it won’t start. It could be mid-summer, as you get back in the driver’s seat after not driving for a while. 

Wherever you find yourself, and however your battery decides to go, the battery replacement crew at St. Paul Automotive is here to help make the battery changing process as easy and stress-free as possible. If a stress-less day sounds like something you could use, why not give it a try? Bring your dead battery, car and all, to our team, and we’ll have you back on the road with a fully-functional vehicle again in no time.

Signs of Car Battery Failure

If you’ve ever left your headlights on, your radio running too long without the engine on, or even left a door open and keeping your overhead light on for too long, you’ve likely killed your battery a time or two. However, you’ve probably been able to jump it every time something like this has happened, right? The problem arises when jumping your car isn’t enough to restart your battery – when your battery fails and can’t be fixed. But how do you know when it’s too far gone? And how can you tell when that time is coming so that you can be ready for a battery failure? Luckily, there are some obvious signs of battery failure that are easy to look out for without any experience working with cars.

Listening to your vehicle’s battery when you turn your car on (or try) can be helpful in warning you when your battery is dying. If you try to start your car and it labors, protesting no matter how forcefully or how long you turn the key, there’s a good chance that your battery could be telling you something. You should listen. You should also be looking for signs of battery damage if you suspect something is wrong or if your check engine light comes on. Look for low battery fluid, a swollen battery case that’s been bloated by heat, and battery leakage. If your vehicle isn’t starting and you suspect that it may be because of a faulty battery, look for all of these symptoms, and consider the age of your battery. If it’s been in your vehicle for four or five years, it could simply be too old.

Check for Other Electrical Issues

Although there’s a good chance that, if your vehicle won’t start, the issue is your battery, but that’s not always the case. If you can’t find a reason for your battery to be failing, if it’s only two years old, if it’s not swollen from heat or leaking, but your check engine light is still on or you can’t make your vehicle start, you should consider the possibility that there could be a problem with a different electrical component in your vehicle. Rather than the battery, consider the alternator or starter as the culprits of your vehicle’s troubles, and see if the pieces fit more clearly. With alternator failure, one symptom can be a dead battery and failing electricity in general, because an alternator is responsible for determining a battery’s electrical output. If there’s nothing to create electricity, your battery would have no choice but to appear dead. Similarly, if your vehicle refuses to start, be sure that the starter isn’t giving you trouble before you assume that the battery is to blame.

Hire the Professionals for a Reliable Battery Replacement

So that you can be sure that a battery failure is definitely the problem you should be trying to fix, we recommend always having your vehicle inspected and repaired by professionals who won’t just decide what’s wrong based on symptoms but will test your battery to be sure it’s dead. When you hire a professional battery replacement company, you can rest easy knowing that every step of the process, from removing your battery to repairing any damage it left behind to installing a new battery correctly, your vehicle will get the best care possible. At St. Paul Automotive, we’ll make sure that when you come to us with your battery replacement needs, we won’t just make it easier and faster, we’ll make it impossible for you to ever talk yourself into changing your battery without our help again.

Contact us today at (651) 298-0956 to see the difference between a DIY battery replacement and having your battery replaced by professionals who do it cleaner, faster, and better.

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