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Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services MN

When you’re looking for a fleet maintenance company, it’s important to weigh your options carefully, looking at the benefits of each garage you find. Every garage will offer you different maintenance plans, everyone will offer you different payment plans, and everyone will offer you whatever they think will make you choose them as your fleet maintenance garage. What you should be looking for in a fleet maintenance garage, though, is not just about the cost or the “perks” that are better at one garage than another. Sure, it’s important to take everything into account when choosing the right fleet maintenance company for your vehicles, but you should be sure that you’re prioritizing these benefits appropriately so that you find the best fleet maintenance garage possible.

At St. Paul Automotive, we know that fleet maintenance is about so much more than getting the best price. When you’re choosing your fleet maintenance company, you’re thinking about who has the best equipment and space for your particular vehicles, who has the experience to maintain and repair your vehicles, where you’ll find the most competent mechanics, and making sure the garage you choose has a quick vehicle turnover rate that promises timely repairs and maintenance that won’t leave you without your fleet vehicles when you need them. If you’re looking for all of this and more – if you’re looking for a fleet vehicle maintenance and repair company that wants to do everything in its power to remove the stress and chaos of fleet vehicle maintenance – come to St. Paul Automotive.

High Volume Repairs and Maintenance

As a fleet vehicle maintenance shop, we’ve seen the difficulties of properly maintaining a fleet of vehicles, especially when a few of those vehicles are out of commission for repairs. Dealing with fleet vehicle maintenance, and especially fleet vehicle repairs, can be exceptionally stressful and too much to handle for inexperienced garages. If you’re dealing with a new fleet vehicle maintenance shop that has never dealt with the volume of repairs and maintenance that necessarily comes with fleet vehicle maintenance, chances are good that your rookie maintenance shop isn’t going to perform well under pressure. Lucky for you, the fleet maintenance mechanics at St. Paul Automotive are anything but rookies.

Reliable and Experienced Fleet Maintenance Crew

When you walk into St. Paul Automotive and take a look around, you’ll see our sheer experience reflected in our work. In the time it takes us to complete general vehicle maintenance or the most extensive vehicle repairs, you’ll see that we value our work, our customers, and everyone’s time. We make sure that we provide the best repairs in the shortest amount of time possible, making sure that we provide thorough maintenance and repairs that don’t cut corners but also won’t leave you waiting for days to get a call back about your vehicles. With us, you can count on fast turnaround, reliable maintenance that will keep your vehicles out of the shop, and comprehensive repairs that are meant to last. We properly maintain every element of fleet vehicles to ensure that they run without flaw, maintaining brakes and tires, engines, steering and suspension, electrical components, heating and cooling systems, fluid levels, and every element of maintenance outlined in your vehicles’ maintenance schedule.

With more than 35 years of experience in auto repairs and auto maintenance, this company has been invested in providing quality vehicle maintenance, including fleet maintenance, since 1980. That’s decades of experience looking at thousands of vehicles, from cars, trucks, and SUVs to commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles, exotic cars, and classic cars. We’ve seen makes and models from years we can’t even remember, and with more than 90 years of combined experience, it’s no wonder we look like we’ve been at this for forever. To be sure that we’re providing the best possible fleet vehicle maintenance service, our ASE-certified technicians use only the latest industry equipment, ensuring that we’re always operating more efficiently, more reliably, and more competitively than ever before. With cutting edge equipment, you can count on our fleet vehicle mechanics giving you only the best service as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced fleet vehicle maintenance and repair company, contact St. Paul Automotive today at (651) 298-0956. With us, you’ll see just how easy fleet maintenance can be and how quickly you can have your fleet vehicles back on the road following repairs.

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