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Regular Vehicle Maintenance in St. Paul

Keeping your vehicle running smoothly starts with a full oil change in St. Paul, Minnesota. At St. Paul Automotive, we specialize in a full range of services for cars and trucks of all sizes. When you find yourself in need of vehicle maintenance in St. Paul, let our experienced crew of mechanics get you back on the road.

The Importance of an Oil Change in St. Paul

Automotive oils and lubricants are essential to the health of the vehicle and the safety of you, your family or staff. Without oils and lubricants, no vehicle will go very far. Just like water lubricates the human body, oils and lubricants ensure your car or trucks engine keeps the bearings cool, and the pistons, rings, cylinders, and other moving parts working.

The motor oil you use should meet the viscosity and service ratings recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual. Our service technicians will be sure to use the factory recommended fluids to ensure cold starting and fuel economy.

When should you call for vehicle maintenance?

While all cars and trucks are different, most vehicles require an oil change every 3,000 – 7,5000 miles. The exact timeframe for a standard oil change depends on the vehicle’s make, model, age, and the area’s environmental conditions. If your “oil monitor” system dash light comes on, please contact us to schedule your maintenance and other transmission services in St. Paul.


Types of Motor Oil Available

Certain vehicles are designed to run with different types of oil. There are three basic types of motor oil available on the market. At St. Paul, our experienced and friendly staff understands how to perform work with all of these types.

If we see that you need maintenance performed on your vehicle, we are happy to explain your options with you. Our team recycles all used motor oil to heat our location in the winter. We work with the following varieties:

Conventional: Conventional mineral oils are refined from crude stock and treated with additives such as detergents, viscosity improvers, anti-wear agents, and corrosion, oxidation, and foam inhibitors to improve their performance.

Synthetic: Synthetics are manufactured and highly refined to provide the best possible lubrication under the widest range of operating conditions, including extreme temperatures both hot and cold. Synthetic oils can withstand conditions that cause ordinary oils to oxidize and break down. They provide superior high-temperature protection, easier cold-weather starting and reduced friction for better fuel economy

Synthetic Blends: Synthetic blends are also available as a more affordable alternative. While a blend cannot deliver the full benefits of a 100 percent pure synthetic, it is still a step up from conventional oil.

Call us today to speak with our staff about your vehicle maintenance in St. Paul. Our repair shop offers an affordable oil change in St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding areas.

Ready to Schedule Vehicle Maintenance?

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