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Have you ever run over a pothole in the road and wondered how it didn’t just swallow your vehicle whole? Have you seen a bump in the road coming and wondered why it didn’t feel nearly as bad as it looked? If you’re unfamiliar with the role of your vehicle’s suspension system, your vehicle’s ability to lessen the shock of road bumps would come as a surprise. However, if you’re familiar with how vehicle suspension systems operate and what their purpose is, your ease in driving over potholes and making it over the bumpiest of roads should be as expected as your ability to steer left or right.

However, when something goes wrong in your suspension system, when there’s a problem with your shocks, struts, tires, or springs, there’s a good chance that you’ll be needing some help making your vehicle drive smoothly over those bumpy roads. That’s where St. Paul Automotive comes in. At our Minnesota Repair shop, you can bet that we have exactly the right tools and experience to get your vehicle back on the road with a suspension that keeps you from feeling every bump and hole you encounter.

How Suspension Systems Work

If you’re unfamiliar with the more minute details of how your vehicle’s suspension system works, understanding why it’s necessary should help you out. If you can imagine the biggest potholes you’ve driven through and the amount of force your vehicle would have been applying to the road as you drove along, you can imagine the amount of bouncing your vehicle would do if it were only an auto body on wheels. Imperfections in the road apply force to vehicles’ wheels from beneath, which could make for an uncomfortable ride if there where nothing stopping your vehicle from bouncing heavily along every time you met an unsmooth strip of road. Rather than having the entire vehicle move up and down when you drive over a bump, your wheels are made to move separately from the vehicle instead, moving with vertical acceleration that does not impact the vehicle’s body. This allows you to absorb less of the shock in the vehicle while your wheels move freely over bumps and cracks in the road, improving vehicle handling as well as increasing comfortability.

Symptoms of Suspension System Problems

When there’s an issue with your suspension, it’s likely caused by damage to your struts or shocks, but although there are several ways to tell that there’s suspension problem in your vehicle, the causes can be numerous. One symptom of suspension system problems is poor steering response, where the steering wheel feels stiff or makes unusual noises. Some of the most common issues associated with suspension system problems are related to how your vehicle drives and feels. If your vehicle seems to sway or lean when changing lanes or making turns; tends to “nose dive” when you brake; or bounces and shakes more than usual after hitting road bumps, it could be time for new suspension components.

Making Suspension System Repairs

The components of a suspension system can be difficult to handle, and although a suspension problem can be easy to diagnose, it’s not always easy to repair, especially for untrained hands. At St. Paul Automotive, we have enough experience to know the difference between the various causes of suspension failure, and we’ll help you understand what went wrong in your suspension, how we can repair the damage, and how you can prevent suspension wearing or damage in the future. We’ll take the symptoms of suspension failure into account as we search for the problem, looking for shock and strut body fluid leaks, dented or damaged struts and shocks, and broken or worn mounts or bushings. Whatever is causing your suspension problems, we’ll be sure that we focus on diagnosing the problem quickly, determining how to solve the suspension issue, and making the necessary repairs as quickly as possible so that we can get you back on the road (without all of the extra bumps this time around).

If you’re sick of riding around feeling like every time pebble is a massive pothole, don’t wait any longer to go looking for a suspension repair shop. Come to St. Paul Automotive, and see the experts work their magic to get your wheels and vehicle moving separately again so that you can stop worrying about banging your wheels too forcefully, seeing a decrease in handling quality, or watching your vehicle take a nose dive every time you brake. Contact us today at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment for your suspension system repairs.

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